Trail Towns

Monson Maine

June 25, 2010 9:43 pm




Date: 6.25.2010
Location: Monson, Maine

I woke up early this morning filled with the anticipation of completing the 100 miles of wilderness and getting to my first trail town. I said my goodbyes to Dan and Mother Goose who had camped nearby and hit the trail.

I think in my excitement about getting to town, a hot shower and a cold beer I underestimated the hike I had left. I did 11 miles over some fair terrain and reached the road leading into Monson, Maine. The town was still about 4 miles away. This was to be my first hitch hiking experience!:)

It was pretty easy to get a hitch and only took about 3 cars. A middle aged woman named Linda stopped and picked me up. She told me bear hunting stories as we made the short ride in.

A place called Shaws was a hostel suggested by a hikers I saw, so Linda dropped me off right there. I got a room for a few days and headed straight for the shower.

I grabbed lunch and a beer at the only other hostel in town which also had a pub and restaurant.

A little later Dan and Mother Goose made it into town. It turned out Thrill Billy, Tooth Pick, CC Rider and Lisa were all already in town. We had a really great group of people.

Monson is a very small town. Everyone is very friendly towards hikers. Dan and I Hung out in the general store and they had a Friday night jam session with local musicians all showing up with their fiddles, flutes, banjos etc and played. It was great small town down home fun!!!

Looking forward to some rest and relaxation here. The 100 was a rough stretch and I sure could use it!