Baby Black Bear and a Moose Skeleton

July 14, 2010 11:55 pm Leave your thoughts


It had rained pretty heavy last night I didn’t sleep well. It was raining on and off all day. Thunder storms, mud, slop, wet. I was admittedly down. As I was walking I saw something on the ground. It was greenish and almost blended in. I did a double take and something told me it didn’t fit. I stopped to get a better look. It was bones. I saw definite vertebrae. As I looked at the rest of the bones I made it out to be a moose skeleton!!!

The little boy in me was giddy with excitement over my skeletal find. I looked closer, poking it with my Treking poles. It was well cleaned, by bugs and rodents no doubt. There was a trail of bones off into the woods. I contemplated following it but stayed content just snapping pictures of what I had found trail side.

It seems everyone had seen a moose hiking except me but now I had found the skeleton of one! It lifted my spirits some.

Later in the afternoon more thunder storms hit. I was slugging along soaked and somewhat miserable when about 15 feet in front of a baby black bear crossed the trail. He was so cute! I came to a halt thinking mom might not be far behind. I was pretty calm. Black bears rarely attack people and listening to other hikers talk about bear encounters I wasn’t very afraid. To be sure though I made a little noise, waited a couple of minutes and then moved on.

I came to a pond of Lilly pads, the storm broke and I sat down beside it spirits somewhat lifted reflecting on the days cool experiences.

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