Hanover New Hampshire

August 3, 2010 9:04 am 1 Comment




Ramunto’s in Hanover offers hikers a free slice of cheese pizza (and they have Guiness on tap!!!) . Ben & Jerry’s gives hikers 10% off any purchase. Ugh and you wonder why trail nutrition is so difficult!

The Appalachian Trail passes through the Dartmouth campus here and right through down town Hanover. There are a lack of places for hikers to stay here though. Some hikers stay at frat houses but um…well that’s not for me so I actually spent most of my time at a hotel a few towns away.

Thinking about the value of books the whole time and stopped at the book store to grab a book to read on the way out. It’s titled ” The Goddesses In Every Woman” I actually have a copy of it back in my studio and it seemed silly to buy another but I simply couldn’t find anything more appealing for the weight:)

Hanover makes me miss city life very much. I am sitting on a bench listening to my mp3 player people watching when I am already behind and should get moving.

Vermont is a short walk away. Onward I guess.

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