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Piseco and the Oxbow Inn 

August 19, 2016 8:00 pm

I arrived in Piseco, NY around noon today. I had a mail drop with some fresh supplies I picked up at the post office which was conveniently located right on the Northville Placid Trail.

I knew after Piseco I would no longer be overlapping the Northville Placid Trail. Things after were a bit of a maze of snow mobile trails, established trails, road walks and avoiding private lands. It would take a bit more planning and a lot more navigation than I had been doing while overlapping the Northville Placid Trail, so I was looking to find a place to stay for the night, get off trail and plan for the route ahead.

I grabbed a delicious lunch at the local deli and only store in town Casey’s Corner where I ran into another hiker. We talked gear and trails while we ate. Afterwards I headed down the road to check the local hotel for availability, they had none but directed me to the Oxbow Inn, a restaurant next door that rented rooms upstairs by the night. I was able to get a room for the night at reasonable rate and they had great food! Time to study and plan for the hiking ahead.

Some scenes from around Piseco

Piseco, NY
Piseco, NY
Riley Tavern
Riley Tavern Piseco, NY
Gone Fishing
“Gone Fishing”
Tree Man
Tree man