The Ups and Downs

July 11, 2010 10:41 pm Leave your thoughts

Date: 6.11.2010
Location: Andover, Maine

Last week was pretty ruff. The heat and humidity made hiking almost unbearable at times. I grossly underestimated my food needs and hiked 2 long hard days of hiking on about 400 calories. I was tired, beat down and depressed most of the week. It was rough but I pushed through.

There were some positives. I caught up with Brookie, Flora and Fauna. We all hike at our own paces during the day but have been camping together. It was great to have good company at nights and in the morning.

We all made it into Andover together and I have some writing to do about a very fun weekend.

Feeling sick now. Back to the trail in the morning.

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