Trained Killer

July 25, 2010 3:23 am Leave your thoughts

Location: Lincoln, New Hampshire

I have had little problem hitch hiking into towns from the trail. Many people who live near the trail are hikers themselves or have family and friends who have hiked the trail.

My hitch into Lincoln was an interesting one. The guy who picked me up had several bumper stickers touting gun rights and various other right wing organizations. I can put aside politics and be truly grateful for the favor of a ride so I got in.

The man who stopped to pick me up was wearing a mechanics uniform. He was sipping on a Budwiser and smelled pretty strongly of beer. One first words after his hello were “You know there are a lot of similarities between being a hiker and the shape you have to be in to be a trained and efficient killer out there on the battlefield. To be able to kill you know.” He continued on “You really have to be in great shape to be a good killer”

Now…I’m kinda thinking though that’s not exactly the first thing you come out with when meeting a stranger. I can be a little bit of a ball buster so I think I know when someone is just having fun with me or being honest. I think this guy really enjoyed talking about killing. Needless to say when he pulled over to stop and buy more beer despite my luck with hitching so far I became a little on edge.

I played it cool but thoughts of a Pulp Fiction back basement kind of scene ran through my head. I frantically started looking for details, the make and model of the car I was in, anything I could take note of should I need to make a police report at some time.

He got back and we drove on to the Hiker hostel. Everything went ok and there was nothing to worry about but I still think it was a strange way to start a conversation!

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