Round Round Baby

August 20, 2016 8:00 pm

After leaving Piseco today the route weaved its way in and out of snowmobile Corridor 8. Seems like I was on and off trail and road between Routes 8 & 10 at least 3 or 4 times. Twice on purpose and once accidentally following a side footpath. It felt like a lot of running in circles to avoid both private lands and road walks. Round and round we go. Not sure the mileage but seems like maybe it would have made more sense to just walk 8 to 10 to Arietta, NY.

I tried finding a place to camp at Good Luck Lake but no luck there. It was Saturday and all of the designated spots around the lake were taken. I could have camped 200 feet off trail nearby but I had some time so I pressed on.

I made a detour following signs for the “Arietta Hotel” thinking maybe I could get a room and avoid the deluge of rain coming tomorrow only to find they were not a hotel, at least not anytime in recent history, just a restaurant. Looked like a nice dinner stop but it was getting dark and I needed to find somewhere to camp so I headed back into Corridor 8. Should have been only a 2 mile detour but the trail was rerouted into Areitta. Probably 4 mile detour round trip. Oh well. Round and round again.

Defintely one of my longer days. Hiked 12 hours today. Found water and a place to camp for the evening. I’m hopeful I can get some hours in tomorrow morning before the rain hits.

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